Contract Management Plus

Enables healthcare facilitators to easily locate, manage and review contracts and other important documents in a timely, easy-to-use manner.

Proactive Work List

Provides centralized visibility and control of business processes and information. Contract Management Plus allows you to track contracts/services of all types, all positioning your organization in a proactive, rather than reactive, posture. This proactivity encompasses all areas, such as IT for keeping your Domain Names renewed so your website and portals stay available, to Physician contracts that need to be renewed but also easily accessible for billing.


Designed for healthcare organizations of all types and sizes, including stand-alone hospitals, university, regional, and national healthcare systems, as well as payer organizations, physician groups and medical device companies.

Expiration Notification

Of expired contracts, incurred late fees, and missed opportunities to renegotiate or terminate service contracts or act on equipment lease buyouts.


Automatically alert key personnel to contract expiration and critical dates with ample time for contract renegotiations or termination without penalty.

Contract Views / Searches By

Contract Type, Critical Dates, Location by Department, Action List, Personalized Dashboard.

Reduce Expenditures / Risk

Contracting with third-party entities accounts for one of the highest cost expenditures for healthcare facilities. Greatly reduce the risk of violations and non-compliance of the laws, regulations and standards that they are required to operate within.