Got Legacy Systems?

A major system upgrade comes along about every decade or so being driven by an exciting era of patient-focused care in search of automation, integration, and consolidation. In the sprint to secure an optimal electronic medical record for your organization, there are legacy systems left behind that need information extracted or converted to free the organization of the maintenance costs and retire those, possibly vulnerable, systems.

After determining the requirements for data that is clinically relevant, legally required, or of business pertinence; stakeholders of that data need to understand how to purposefully integrate the extracted legacy materials into workflow. Providing this information positioned in a manner that employees expect, ensures it’s use.

With decades of experience, The HCI Solution can help you make a comprehensive decision about your approach when retiring legacy systems. Utilizing a vendor neutral archive ensures neutrality and the ability to access information within your workflow.

The HCI Solution Will:

  • Help your team understand their requirements to develop the best strategy for archiving

  • Educate stakeholders about implications of data decisions

  • Extract discrete data via API and normalize data schema

  • Extract report images and scanned images via API to staging cold feed; create search document index’s based on customer content requirements

  • Write audits for validation

  • Optimize extracts to accommodate production systems