With interoperability, interface engines, complex reporting with specialized tools, and use of web-based applications in workflow, community hospitals need more technical resources than ever before to address vastly different functions. These technical employees can be very difficult to recruit and managers get caught in a repeating cycle of recruiting, vetting, testing, and hiring. After identifying a technical unicorn in the form of a programmer-interface specialist-web designer with a knowledge of healthcare, community hospitals might not be able to meet salary requirements, competing with organizations that remotely employ. The HCI Solution can help by providing a team of experts that possess the myriad of technical requirements and provide skill-sets crucial for success. These resources can be utilized as much or as little as your hospital requires, with an annual contract for as little as 10 hours per month. Get started today and let us meet or supplement your technical demands.


Our talented and experienced team of report writing professionals is uniquely positioned to deliver key information required for critical decision making, analysis and data transfer. With decades of experience, our experts design, develop, validate, and document reports and extracts utilizing NPR, Report Designer, or Data Repository/SQL. In addition, The HCI Solution is experienced with the requirements of converting existing reports and extracts to other formats.


A low cost application solution for converting your legacy data. Whether it be Siemens, EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, CPSI, etc., we can help with storage and retrieval and eliminate the high cost of converting.


Our team of programmers can help you reach your integration goals, whether it is for a single HL7 Interface, Custom Project, or an Interface Suite. We have over 25 years experience, working with over 800 healthcare vendors.


Engage our Integration Engineers to use SyncSolve® to apply custom changes to dictionaries for unique use cases.