Dictionary Management



Hospitals have hundreds of dictionaries to maintain, and spend hundreds of hours per year maintaining them. Challenges to maintaining dictionaries include comparing LIVE and TEST databases, comparing LIVE and new TEST release rings/directories, and comparing dependency dictionaries. Once discrepancies have been identified, LIVE and TEST databases must be synchronized, newly created records must be built in the LIVE and TEST rings/directories, and the dictionaries must be continuously monitored for future edits.



SyncSolve® with SyncIT automates the process of maintaining dictionaries. SyncSolve® analyzes and compares dictionaries across databases, and generates worklists that itemize the discrepancies for dictionaries and dependency dictionaries. SyncIT, SyncSolve’s® synchronization module,will automatically synchronize records between the two systems being compared, resolving any discrepancies that are selected from the worklists.


Automating the dictionary management process provides hospitals with significant savings in the number of hours spent maintaining dictionaries. Automation eliminates the possibility of introducing additional errors through manual entry, and the tedious process of duplicating data.
SyncSolve® does not require user configuration or setup. Use cases do not require technical knowledge to be built.


Engage our Integration Engineers to use SyncSolve® to apply custom changes to dictionaries for unique use cases. This is a service provided by the HCI Solution to assist healthcare organizations with specific pain points, and is capable of functionality beyond the scope of SyncSolve’s® default features.

“The synchronization of the NMI Value Mapping dictionaries and the HL7 Administrative Site Entry dictionary was the best use of SyncSolve® with SyncIT to date. SyncSolve® saved me at least 40 hours of work.”
– Linda Jones, Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

“The Lab installed new Chemistry analyzers which meant the editing of dictionaries such as analyzer, lab tests, worksheets, departments, quality control, and rules… SyncSolve® allowed us to rapidly move everything from TEST to LIVE with no downtime and without spending hours inputting data.”
– Sandi Wiltshire, Heywood Hospital

“Avoided lengthy and time-consuming manual dictionary build during an active GO LIVE, by simply entering the necessary DPMs for the MIS Inpatient Discharge dictionary, and data was populated completely within a few minutes.”
– Mark Olsen, Sturgis Hospital

“The Pharmacy is very happy that their strings can be moved by the SyncSolve® application rather than having to be rebuilt manually. Those are very complicated. This is really the only product I have seen that takes the background work out of it. I’ve seen many of the other products and I’ve never seen one that works without you having to do the scripting yourself. Before I realized SyncSolve®’s potential, there was absolutely no time to manage dictionaries or to accomplish the goal of implementing another HCIS ring for this purpose.”
– Jeffrey Boomer, Southern Illinois Healthcare

“SyncSolve® is a real asset for IT in particular. It is the best thing we’ve ever gotten as a tool for IT and I can’t wait for the pharmacists to use it!”
– Jean Srch, Golden Valley Hospital

“We LOVE SyncSolve® and just used it for our upgrade to Meditech 5.67 c/s and it was fantastic. I cannot even quantify the hours it saved. Thank you for a tremendous product.”
– Diana Bryant, Wilson Medical Center


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