Single Sign-On (SSO) is not the entire answer to clinical efficiencies but rather one important piece of the puzzle. There is no doubt SSO enabled software has allowed users to become more efficient, but the missing piece of the puzzle is clinical content sharing between applications. Clinical content, like what patient you’re on in the EMR, what clinical application you’re in, what user is logged into the workstations, what user is logged into the EMR, etc., are key pieces to the efficiency puzzle. Most clinical EMR software supports some level of FHIR API’s calls which have added much to the missing clinical content piece of efficiency, but it doesn’t solve the entire workflow challenge.

The missing piece of the puzzle is integrating other clinical software into the clinical EMR workflow with clinical and other content. Several specific challenges exist with content sharing, like is the user logged into the EMR the same as the user logged into the workstation? When launching other clinical applications from the EMR your SSO and content software must know who’s logged in to the EMR and who’s logged into the workstation. In the case of multi-user workstations, you want to know what EMR user is launching into the other clinical software. Another challenge is using Health Information Exchange (HIE) or other collaborative content sites and the delay to compile them when needed. For instance, you might want to precompile HIE or collaborative content when the user is on a specific screen so when they need it the content is immediately available, no need to wait while it compiles.

One way in which this efficiency has been achieved is through the use of LaunchIT. HCI’s LaunchIT application is designed to meet all the clinical content challenges without complicated, fragile software design. If you have clinical software you want to integrate with your clinical EMR workflow with SSO and content, LaunchIT is what you’re looking for. Powerful, solid architecture to meet all your clinical software integration needs.

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