The HCI Solution, Inc. Interface Engine and Integration Services

Meeting integration goals can get complicated from a lack of integration platform familiarity and the challenges of navigating what may seem a labyrinth of clinical and technological requirements, multiple stakeholders and timelines. But when this is practiced every day by a team of experts that work hard to get to know you and your team’s goals, the process becomes very simplified. With over 25 years of experience working daily with over 800 vendors, healthcare organizations and an extensive variety of integration tools, our team of integration experts make it simple to meet your deadlines, whether it be for a single HL7 Interface, an EMR upgrade or interface engine.

Monitoring and Alerting Support

Want the peace of mind that comes from continuous interface reliability day and night? You will never be short on troubleshooting staff with our 24 x 7 interface response team! Our alerting and support team can receive and respond directly to interface alerts and work with your on-call/ helpdesk team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our alerting system becomes part of your support infrastructure to ensure full awareness of the underlying issue.

Interface Engine Consulting

Just invested in a new interface engine and wish to have the required staff levels, skills, training and best practices to realize an optimum return on the investment and meet integration requirements accurately on time? Our interface engineers bring a combination of interface engine best practices, custom interface programming and extensive healthcare integration experience to your organization. Our team has expertise on a variety of interface engine platforms, custom software development and database administration experience that can address challenges that may lie beyond your integration platform.

Interface Engine Management

Want the benefits of integration without the worries of self-hosting an interface engine platform? We provide seven-star concierge
service peace of mind!

Our interface engine team can host your interface engine and keep it running smoothly and securely in our cloud or in your preferred hosting space. We notify your team of any required operating system or software updates to guarantee continuous operation and keep all interfaces running smoothly with 24 x 7 alerting and support.

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