Meet Jim Archambault – Integration Engineer

The products and services at The HCI Solution are developed by highly skilled engineers. One of those is the brilliant Jim Archambault.  

Jim is an Integration Engineer who develops and maintains the user interface for one of The HCI Solution’s most popular productsContinuITyTM Downtime Portal. On top of that, he works on archive extraction components and develops utilities to handle hospital data specifically customized to their needs. Additionally, Jim handles support issues for all The HCI Solution products.  

What Jim Archambault Likes Best About The HCI Solution 

There is a reason that Jim has been with The HCI Solution since September of 2018. He says the best thing about working for The HCI Solution is the ability to challenge himself and learn new things, with his team supporting him while doing so. Jim really enjoys the opportunity to work on development style projects. 

When Jim Archambault Is Not At Work 

Being an engineer at work translates well into one of Jim’s favorite hobbies. He really enjoys building Lego sets. All the screen time at The HCI Solution does not damper his love for video games at home. Additionally, Jim likes hiking, camping, and gardening. Another passion of Jim’s is painting miniatures for tabletop gaming. 

When it’s time to relax and watch other people do things, Jim cheers on the Boston Bruins, Green Bay Packers, the McLaren Formula 1 team, and the Ducati factory team of MotoGP. 

Building Another Engineer? 

Jim’s favorite project is raising his son. His fiancé gave birth in December 2021. Jim states that they have been having a lot of fun raising their baby. 

If you need to get in touch with Jim or learn about any of our other team members, please contact us.