Meet Samantha Cameron. Many of you have already had the pleasure of speaking with Samantha for a variety of business-related issues. However, this is your opportunity to really get to know the person behind the voice on the phone.

What Samantha Cameron Does for The HCI Solution

Samantha is our Business Manager and she started with The HCI Solution back in 2018. This month marks her four-year anniversary. As the Business Manager, Samantha balances a lot of responsibilities. A typical week, if there is such a thing, will find her heavily involved with bookkeeping, payroll, IT and software administration, insurance plan management, business mailings, and every regarding human resources for The HCI Solution. Samantha engages with our customers and internal staff for a multitude of reasons – and she is an expert at all.

Samantha’s Favorite Moment at The HCI Solution

Although she is a bit more “behind the scenes,” Samantha Cameron interacts with The HCI Solution clients by answering billing questions, working with AP departments, and sometimes helping with customer access issues and special requests. Samantha’s favorite client interaction is when she gets special requests for reports from customers. One time, she had a customer request a monthly report concerning help desk tickets to make managing them easier. So, Samantha customized and created a report including the requested information and sends it to the appreciative client on a monthly basis. Samantha says, “Any time a customer wants to look at hours used, or project costs and I get to put together a report of that for them to give them a clear picture, I enjoy it.”

Why Samantha Loves Working at The HCI Solution

Samantha really loves working at The HCI Solution. She says it’s “like a big family. Everyone is kind to one another and supportive.” She makes a point of acknowledging she feels appreciated and valued by all of my co-workers and can always count on them to let me know when a job has been well done.

Samantha cites how there is opportunity for advancement, and how she has grown exponentially in her position with The HCI Solution. “I’ve learned things in this position that I never saw myself learning and even at times impressed myself with solutions I have come up with.” She also loves that the job is flexible to her needs. Samantha expands on that by saying, “Working remotely as we do offers flexibility unlike any other job I’ve ever had, and when you have a family, and young kids it removes a lot of stress from everyday life.”

Samantha Cameron Away from the Office

The family that Samantha mentions consists of Chris, her husband of eight years, and their two beautiful children, Lydia (6) and Cannon (4). The Cameron clan also includes two dogs, Lovey and Malificent.

Outside of work, Samantha Cameron has plenty of hobbies and interests. She is quite the karaoke singer and also helps with live productions at her church. Samantha is the Event Coordinator for her kids’ Elementary Booster Club. She loves cooking – especially baking – and craft projects. Living in a small, rural town in southern Missouri allows Samantha to enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and boating on the lake.

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