Got duplicate records?

Is your master patient index in disarray? Do you have medical information scattered between numerous records not giving clinicians an accurate picture of the patient? Duplicate patient records can be a serious risk to patients and impact claims.

Resolving master patient index duplicates can be an overwhelming endeavor. Using incomplete tools such as paper reports to identify records, uncover detailed data used to prove or disprove a match, flag an account that was investigated, and merge matched accounts only exacerbates the frustration. MPI MergeIT™ provides a manner to do this easily with customizable worklists, launch capabilities for investigation, ability to mark a record resolved with a reason and lastly, merge the record seamlessly.

MPI MergeIT™ Offers:

  • Ability to set scoring weights to determine your customized probability

  • A worklist with the ability to mark a record resolved with a reason

  • Capability to launch to identified record for complete examination and analysis

  • Merge capability for resolution after identification of a duplicate

  • Security and audit features that work in conjunction with electronic medical record