Use SyncSolve® to Eliminate the Cost and the Pain of Dictionary Synchronization

Why do you need SyncSolve Dictionary Management? Hospital staff spend hundreds of hours each year maintaining EHR dictionaries. Dictionary management is very challenging, considering the complex nature of modern EHR systems. It is of critical importance to have a TEST EHR system that closely replicates the behavior of the LIVE system. Carefully testing EHR changes helps improve patient safety and clinical effectiveness. Without diligent dictionary management, this would not be possible.

Properly maintaining EHR dictionaries is challenging. Dictionary edits must be made in multiple systems. Entries need to be compared between LIVE, TEST, and new TEST ring release systems to ensure accuracy. Once discrepancies have been identified, dependent dictionaries must be addressed. Next all of the different systems must be synchronized. Newly created records must be built in each system and the dictionaries must be continuously monitored for future edits.

The good news is that SyncSolve was designed with these challenges in mind. SyncSolve is a simple to use tool that automates the dictionary management process. It requires absolutely no script building or technical skills.

SyncSolve Dictionary Management Use Case Examples:

  • Compare/synchronize LIVE and TEST databases, LIVE and new TEST release HCIs’s/directories, and dependency dictionaries

  • Ensure accurate testing

  • Codification updates

  • Numerous builds including meaningful use, clinical documentation, lab test, PHA/RSM drug builds, and user access builds

  • MEDITECH task troubleshooting

SyncSolve as a Service

Engage our Integration Engineers to use SyncSolve to apply custom changes to dictionaries for unique use cases. This is a service provided by The HCI Solution to assist healthcare organizations with specific pain points and is capable of functionality beyond the scope of SyncSolve’s default features.

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