Utilizing your Electronic Health Record’s (EHR’s) TEST system is the best way to ensure that issues with dictionary, parameter, or new software changes are discovered prior to introducing patient safety or other issues into your LIVE EHR environment. However, your EHR’s TEST system is only truly effective in catching problems if it behaves the same way as your LIVE EHR. That means putting effort into supporting a proper dictionary management process. Whatever dictionaries are built and edited in the LIVE system need to have the same changes made in the TEST system and vice versa. This is easier said than done. Manually re-keying dictionary edits in two different systems is an arduous process filled with opportunities to introduce human error. These errors can eventually lead to more time spent troubleshooting issues that arise from TEST and LIVE systems not behaving the same. Let’s learn why SyncSolve® complements MEDITECH’s Corporate Management Software (CMS) so perfectly.


MEDITECH customers are receiving the MEDITECH CMS solution with new Expanse implementations. The CMS system was first developed for larger corporate healthcare organizations and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). It was a way for large organizations to standardize their EHR content across all facilities. Dictionaries could be built in one “standards” HCIS, and CMS background jobs would propagate those dictionary edits to target corporate HCIS. One great feature is that the system allows certain fields and certain dictionaries to be “localized.” For instance, it would not make sense to standardize and centrally control the location dictionary. There are a lot of dictionaries and fields that are very specific to designated facilities.

CMS not only keeps disparate MEDITECH facility EHRs synchronized, it is also used to keep the separate MEDITECH TEST and LIVE system’s synchronized. This is the primary reason why MEDITECH started offering it to smaller organizations with Expanse. CMS is a big step in the right direction for dictionary management. However, it is not the be-all end-all. There are still some challenges with the CMS system. Here are some limitations:

  • A lot of dictionaries are not controlled/propagated by CMS.
  • The full automation of CMS is a positive, but there are times when more granular control and analysis is desired.
  • When customers are going through a MEDITECH update, propagation from one MEDITECH release to another is not possible.
  • Sometimes things do not sync as intended due to CMS or other MEDITECH software problems. These issues can be difficult to detect without an additional dictionary compare tool.


The HCI Solution has several customers that utilize both CMS and SyncSolve® for their dictionary management needs. Why? SyncSolve® is 100% CMS compatible – dictionaries that are synced by SyncSolve® to the “standards” HCIS are propagated to all CMS target HCIS’s, even dictionaries from other MEDITECH releases. SyncSolve® can be used to compare any dictionary from one MEDITECH system to another, even across Universes! CMS does not synchronize every dictionary. SyncSolve® synchronizes nearly every dictionary. Here are just a few of the many examples of dictionaries that can be synced by SyncSolve® that cannot be synced by CMS:

  • Person Dictionary
  • Canned text
  • Menu/Procedure Access
  • CWS Resource
  • Oncology Treatment Plan

When MEDITECH customers are going through an update, SyncSolve® can synchronize between software releases, where CMS cannot. Some of our customers even use SyncSolve® to compare dictionaries between HCIS’s to make sure that CMS is functioning properly. SyncSolve® provides much more granular control than CMS does. It allows you to sync specific fields within specific dictionaries, something that CMS does not do. It allows users to create very specific use-cases for hospital initiatives.


  • Available in MAGIC, CS, M-AT 6.x, Expanse
  • Compare dictionaries across databases, HCIS’s, and even UNV’s
  • View discrepancies field by field
  • View dependent dictionary deficiencies
  • Generate detailed work lists and reports
  • Launch directly to dictionary Enter/Edit screens from work lists
  • Schedule and automate dictionary maintenance
  • Monitor dictionaries for changes
  • Auto-synchronize dictionary and dependent dictionary differences
  • Build custom use cases
  • Manage access controls for decentralization
  • Copy dictionaries and parameters
  • Distribute reports by email


CMS is a great tool for automating the propagation of dictionary edits. It goes a long way in helping to keep your TEST and LIVE systems synchronized. However, it does not cover everything. SyncSolve® will fill in those gaps. SyncSolve® is the perfect tool to help complete specific use-case projects along with CMS, like building new assessments in TEST prior to syncing them to “standards”, or building users in LIVE and then syncing them to TEST. It is also useful for migrating previous release TEST dictionaries to your new TEST release ring, for those dictionaries that MEDITECH could not copy. Hopefully now you see why SyncSolve® perfectly complements MEDITECH’s Corporate Management Software (CMS).


If you don’t have MEDITECH’s CMS system, then SyncSolve® is the only real option for you, that truly works. SyncSolve® is available for MAGIC, C/S, 6.x, and Expanse.

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