One of the most valuable assets a hospital has is its clinicians and staff. Keeping your employees engaged and satisfied in their roles is essential to optimal performance and staff retention.  By safeguarding your employee fulfillment you can reduce the high cost and resource demands of staff attrition.

So how do you ensure staff satisfaction? There are countless things employers can do to boost moral and job satisfaction.  The HCI Solution aims to help their employees sustain a passion for their work while helping minimize effort and wasted time for our customers. Simple initiatives and minimal effort can go a long way towards keeping your clinicians and staff happy.

Empower Staff

Without empowering your staff with trust to make decisions and take action employees can not reach their full potential. To have a dream team where the employees take initiative, use their talent to problem solve and are innovative they must have the authority to use those skills. Delegating responsibilities with the intent to further develop and stretch your staff with clearly defined expectations and autonomy is the best way to provide structured staff empowerment. At The HCI Solution it is encouraged to continuously learn, grow and develop.  With many of our Solutions for our customers being unique problems that have proved difficult to solve, HCI employees use creativity and their vast experience to overcome complicated tasks. Allowing the staff to enhance and steer their own job development ensures a mutually beneficial support system between staff and employer.

Reduce Workflow Interruption

Interruption of workflow with delayed system launches can put a damper on process turnover. Laggy launches to required systems is an example of wasted time that can be streamlined. The use of dynamic launches that can open in the background eliminating lag time or that can pass necessary information automatically from one program to another saves time and re-entering data.  The HCI Solution achieves this through the use of LaunchIT for our customers. LaunchIT provides an intuitive solution that aims to eliminate unnecessary wait time to open another system and/or auto populating to the desired content. While a laggy launch might seem like an inconsequential nuisance, the time adds up quickly with multiple uses. When regulatory documentation is needed, keeping the time it takes to accomplish that task is a good idea to maintain compliance.

Support Staff With Needed Resources

Supporting your staff with the tools needed to achieve makes the clinical staff operations easier for everyone.  Downtime can be one of the occasions when a good solution can make an enormous difference in the amount of work and frustration that is thrust upon the staff.  Having a solution that mimics your current EHR and allows you to view all the necessary patient data to safely care for your patients while your system is down can prove invaluable.  ContinuITy™ Downtime Portal was created with these factors in mind. Having an effective solution helps the clinical teams to continue to focus on their patients instead of the downtime obstacle leaving everyone with added peace of mind.

Automate Processes

Time-consuming manual tasks that can be automated are another source of grievance for clinicians and staff. There are many ways to automate tasks in a hospital and The HCI Solution has come up with a few.  The HCI Solution’s Data Services team uses scripting and other tools to automate compiles and/or processes.  One example is providing batch processing for numerous workflow initiatives.  Some tasks are extremely time-consuming but necessary. Batch processing eliminates the arduous effort and minimizes the burden.

Cut Down on Menial Tasks

It is frustrating and inefficient for high value resources to be tasked with menial objectives that eat up their time. SyncSolve® is an application designed to limit time on such tasks while encouraging ongoing dictionary management. Many internal initiatives are made easier or are dependent on the accuracy of dictionaries. This efficiency eliminates unnecessary manual entry and double keying. Keeping the LIVE and TEST synchronized is not only useful for best practice purposes but also saves extensive amounts of time during any system upgrade. By converting a time consuming strenuous task into a quick and easy duty it lightens the resource load and saves resources for critical  purposes.

There are many ways to improve clinician/staff satisfaction.  These listed suggestions just scratch the surface of actions that can be taken for this objective.  When thinking about the strain on staff sometimes streamlining their workflows and providing helpful tools can be enough; allowing for autonomy and growth while providing tools is even better. The HCI Solution is committed to building relationships and going the extra mile. Let The HCI Solution take some of the burdens and provide peace of mind.

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