Augment Your Resources with Virtual Staff

The HCI Solution - Engineering Concierge Services

Hospital CIO’s have pressing issues with multifaceted projects ongoing at any given time. Assembling diverse technical resources to address vastly different functions, can be nearly impossible. Technical employees can be exceedingly difficult to recruit. Many managers get caught in a repeating cycle of recruiting, vetting, testing, and hiring. With different skill sets needed at different times, you might never have the correct individual employed for those pressing initiatives.

That is when you need a team that has the experience to save you. The HCI Solution can provide the technical prowess without the learning curve. With decades of experience in the hospital marketplace, The HCI Solution can help your hospital by becoming part of the team, utilizing the collective skillsets and knowledge to meet your organizational goals.

Gone is the idea of one individual to handle one set of challenges. Engineering Concierge is one point of contact for all technical services the most diverse skill set that might not typically be part of your team. As your needs change, let the solution remain the same

Engineering Concierge:

  • Provides all of the technical expertise needed to meet your organizational goals.

  • Cuts down administrative cost and time by eliminating the approval process for every individual project.

  • Is an extension of your team without the onboarding and training required of new staff.

  • Allows you to use the team as much or as little as needed based off your initiatives.

  • Hours never expire and can be used for projects long after the initial contract has concluded.

  • Provides a safety net of available resources to jump in to support unforeseen complications.

  • Keeps clinicians happy with improved turnaround time of technical projects on their wish list.

  • Pay for only the exact expertise you need and only at the time you need it. This pragmatic approach is preferred over trying to assemble a technical team with all the skill you need.