You may have noticed more and more hospitals are making the decision to upgrade systems. Nowadays updates and upgrades are important; they offer more advanced security, ease of use, and enhanced integration and workflow features. Hospitals have found themselves in a push to keep up with technological advances over the years and increase their interoperability and efficiency like never before. It’s time to be prepared for the expected and unexpected and avoid delaying initiatives and upgrades.

With this enhanced and forever advancing technology comes the need of highly knowledgeable, well-rounded IT staff to keep systems running smoothly and efficiently. Hospitals cannot possibly acquire staff for every technical need they will face. New initiatives add to the demand of current staff and many hospitals do not have all the technical resources necessary when it comes time to prepare for and execute all tasks, especially unforeseeable issues, upgrading may involve.

When the decision is made to upgrade systems there are many things to consider. Do you have the resources necessary for any report writing, conversions, or extracts that may be required? Will you have scripting, custom integration, interface engine, and/or software development needs, and do you have the staffing necessary to accommodate those needs while still maintaining daily operations? Are you prepared for the testing and any other adjustments required to go LIVE?

When the need arises to augment technical resources, the vendor search then begins. How much time is spent trying to find the right vendor to meet your needs? Do they offer all the services and products that your initiatives require? If the answer is no, are you then stuck searching for multiple vendors to make sure you are covered in every area? How much time, money, and effort is involved in searching, vetting, and negotiating with the vendors under consideration?

Working with multiple vendors can be challenging. The time and resources involved with coordinating projects requiring multiple areas of expertise can be very costly and taxing to any facility. Certain vendors can cause delays leaving all parties involved at a standstill, which can be inefficient and stressful. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one well rounded, technical resource at your disposal when you require assistance? One vendor to call on any time help is needed with the heavy lifting while you continue to focus on day-to-day operations.

These are the very reasons The HCI Solution developed a plan to help facilities augment their technical resources. Engineering Concierge Services is a revolutionary concept rolling all the different services that The HCI Solution offers into one customizable plan for the same monthly rate. Utilize hours when and where you need extra resources the most. Avoid delaying Go-LIVE by having a credible industry council partner at your disposal through the entire process.

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We have multiple customers that have utilized Engineering Concierge Service plans when preparing for upgrade. Peterson Health has and continues to utilize a number of our services under Engineering Concierge, through their MEDITECH Expanse upgrade and beyond to ensure cost effective project completion. Engineering Concierge even allowed them to replace 4 vendors with a single point of contact saving them time, money, and the headache of coordinating with multiple vendors. Read PETERSON HEALTH’S TESTIMONIAL about their experience utilizing The HCI Solution’s Engineering Concierge Services.

Engineering Concierge Services is a versatile plan designed to fit any hospital’s budget. Sign on for as many or as few hours as you desire, lock in that competitive hourly rate, and split the cost into the same monthly payment for a year. Use your hours when and where you need the extra assistance, those hours are yours until they are used up with no expiration. Be prepared for the expected as well as the unexpected with Engineering Concierge Services.

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