We all equate a concierge to a go to person in the hotel we are staying that direct us to a restaurant, pharmacy, or department store when needed. They help us to get where we want to go with the resources needed to accomplish what we want to do in the time we have to do it.

Community hospitals have pressing issues. With interoperability, interface engines, complex reporting, software development, and the use of custom integration to ease workflow burden; community hospitals need more diverse technical resources than ever before to address vastly different functions.

Technical employees can be exceedingly difficult to recruit. Many managers get caught in a repeating cycle of recruiting, vetting, testing, and hiring. With different skill sets needed at different times, you might never have the correct individual employed for those pressing initiatives.

Could a team of virtual experts that possess the myriad of technical requirements and experience be the answer? Would you call on them to help? If you needed 10 hours a month of help at a very competitive rate for one year, would you sign up?

Engineering Concierge is the idea of the future. Gone is the idea of one individual to handle one set of challenges. Engineering Concierge is one point of contact for all technical services, even the most diverse skill set that might not typically be part of your team. As your needs change, let the solution remain the same.

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