Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Does it sound familiar? It isn’t a common term, nor is it used often by vendors offering solutions. A Vendor Neutral Archive is important because it can host the data of multiple legacy systems. It also gives you tools to access the data in a manner that makes sense. The HCI Solution believes the data shouldn’t be accessed as a destination – go here to view this data. The data should be accessed within the regular workflow for you hospital. Important characteristics include:

  • Industry Standard Hardware Technology
  • Workflows for Business Process
  • Document Type Independence
  • Open System Integration for In and Outbound
  • Electronic Signature
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Thick and Thin (web) Client
  • Activity and Auditing Reports

The HCI Solution can Help you understand your hospital stakeholder requirements, the extraction, hospital workflow, access, and access auditing. Don’t pay for legacy systems one more day. You can free your organization from maintenance payments with planning and execution. We can help make that your reality!

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