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TESTIMONIAL: Engineering Concierge

Technical Resource Staffing with Engineering Concierge




Peterson Health, Kerrville, TX

January, 2020 – Brian Robicheaux – CIO, Lisa Medovich – CFO & Compliance Officer, Stephanie Alford – IT Manager

Peterson Health enlisted the Engineering Concierge Services offered by The HCI Solution to assist with the technical deployment of interfaces/integration (converting, creating, validation, troubleshooting), interface engine management, report writing, and a host of other services necessary for optimal operation. This was exceptionally useful to Peterson Health not only for day to day operations but during their migration to Expanse as well. Engineering Concierge Services provides a virtual team of experts that possess the myriad of technical requirements and skill-sets crucial for success. Engineering Concierge Services offers a concierge/project coordinator to deploy and manage all tasks within any project(s) from start to finish providing one point of contact able to delegate the necessary support for each individual task. This service allowed Peterson Health to have all the technical support essential for any obstacle they could encounter. The service offers all the technical expertise with one low hourly rate, dispersing the cost over the course of a year, allowing facilities to operationalize and budget for needed reinforcement.

The HCI Solution sustains technical support on a day to day basis. Deciding to alleviate the strain on Peterson’s internal resources and extend their support with HCI has proved to be effective and beneficial. The use of Engineering Concierge Services at Peterson allowed them to eliminate four separate vendors with services Peterson Health can now get from a single source, saving money and time. With quick responses maintaining accessible communication is easy. Having a true partnership with a vendor through this concierge service provides peace of mind for whatever may come.

It is a relief to have a credible industry counsel partner at our disposal during day to day operations. The quick turn around and great communication make them an ideal partner to work with. I can confidently say that our experience with HCI consistently exceeds our expectations.”-Stephanie Alford, IT Manager.

During the Expanse migration The HCI Solution provided all the testing and management of the 150+ interfaces on three different interface engines including the project management function of coordinating all the various vendors. The HCI solution provided Peterson Health with 24/7 support and access to skilled engineers who rapidly responded to troubleshoot issues. Engineers that understand multiple interface engines along with the pros/cons of use kept interface projects moving forward throughout implementation. Project management was used to work through the large-scale project of migrating Peterson Health to Expanse with a quick turn around on report writing requests.

When discussing the appeal of the engineering concierge service CIO Brian Robicheaux replies “HCI’s ability to evaluate a process and come up with a creative solution “outside the box” is very beneficial. I lean on The HCI Solution for a variety of technical needs that would take multiple staff members to match. We do not have to worry about which service we need when we contract with HCI. We just use HCI as we need them to support our initiatives. We get the years of combined experience HCI possesses to help us achieve success in our timeline. They always come through and we only have to go to one place.”

An example of the assistance you can expect from HCI is being able to jump into any problem or task at the drop of a dime. There was an incident at Peterson Health involving MM and inventory where hundreds of thousands of messages were sent out of another vendor’s TEST environment that routed to production. Peterson was able to turn this off relatively quickly but still had to manage the  messages that made it through, determine where the rest of the messages were, how to stop the rest from going to production and how to reverse all the ZPM transactions processed. HCI was able to jump in quickly, cancel the messages and diagnose where the issue originated. “I want to thank you again for being such a great partner to us and helping us with this unexpected challenge!!!”  – CFO and Compliance Officer Lisa Medovich. CIO Brian Robicheaux was glad to have this wrapped up so quickly with minimal impact “We cannot thank you enough for your expertise in helping us solve why the issue occurred. As Lisa said, we value our partnership with HCI.

Unforeseen obstacles or lack of technical skill sets/devoted resources no longer need to halt projects or operation. Engineering Concierge affords confidence in the ability to overcome any impediment that arises. Choose peace of mind, choose concierge.

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