An accurate MPI may be considered the most important resource in a healthcare facility. An MPI is only a beneficial resource if it remains clean and free from duplicate medical records. When correct, each patient’s complete medical information is contained within a single unique record. Without processes in place to find and merge any duplicates, a patient’s information could remain scattered in two or more records. Duplicate patient records can pose serious risks for healthcare providers, with conflicting data leading to poor or delayed patient care, duplicate procedures, reimbursement issues and potential medical malpractice claims. Duplicate patient records are costly for healthcare providers and difficult to correct.


MergeIT uses a probabilistic approach using complex algorithms where the various pieces of data in a patient record are each assigned a weight. Those weights are then used to score the likelihood that 2 or more records are indeed the same person. You are then able to choose the direction of the merge if a duplicate is identified and merge the records effortlessly. MergeIT can also aid in process improvement throughout the facility by identifying where possible errors are entering the system, be it manual entry error, or a process standard that needs to be re-evaluated. By improving the best practice procedures for entering in patients, as well as cleaning up your MPI, you can then schedule a comparison for every month that will email you the results to determine if any further action is required to ensure your MPI remains clean.


Making MPI cleanup easy ensures that customer service will not suffer by returning patients being treated as if they are new patients. Eliminate the risk of a patient’s information being fragmented within a facility with multiple medical record numbers assigned for the same patient, or incomplete medical records, with a clean MPI. Lower the clinical risk due to incomplete information in the physical chart due to MPI inaccuracy. A clean MPI also saves the hospital in terms of revenue from lost payments due to the inability to reliably link all accounts for a patient or guarantor.


  • Ability to merge Meditech MPI records within an application.
  • Set the scoring or weights you use to determine the probability that two records are the same. Customers can define score business rules.
  • Launch directly to supporting applications to perform further investigation.
  • Document if a record should not be compared to another record again, including the reason it was not compared, or shouldn’t be compared.
  • Allows users to schedule specific use cases and be notified when the results are available. Schedule daily comparisons of MPI records created the previous day to identify duplicates. Proactive maintenance.
  • Ability to load external MPI via delimited file.