TESTIMONIAL: SyncSolve as a Service

Cascade Valley Hospital/Skagit Regional Health, WA

June 26th, 2016: Julie Carlson, EPIC Applications Analyst/EpiCare Inpatient Orders and Infection Control

Cascade Valley Hospital recently went through an affiliation process with another healthcare system in our area, and needed to create a whole new set of OR procedures for two new facilities. SyncSolve was instrumental in helping us to copy our existing dictionaries and then create new resource groups and resources, procedure groups and procedures, and generic and physician-specific preference cards. Preference cards alone number in the neighborhood of 3300+, and without SyncSolve, we would have needed to build these all individually. There are 500+ procedures between the two facilities, and these were each copied and rebuilt, attaching the newly built resource groups and individual resources. I would estimate this saved 120+ hours of building and data entry work.

Also related to our affiliation process, we needed a way to copy our existing MIS vendor dictionary and then create new account numbers for those vendors. SyncSolve was able to create a copy of the existing vendor dictionary for the new facility, and then assign the new account numbers to those vendor accounts, as well as update the MM item and stock dictionaries with the new vendors and access accounts. There are almost 3200 entries in the vendor dictionary, and this would also have needed to be a manual process were it not for HCI and SyncSolve.