Testimonial- Golden Valley Memorial Hospital








Golden Valley Memorial Hospital, MO

May 26th, 2016: Jean Srch, Clinical Applications Specialist

We (Jean Srch and other staff at GVMH) installed and began using SyncSolve in the beginning of February, 2015. Since installation and training, the application has been used primarily in the Order Entry, ITS, PD (Pdoc), BAR and LAB/MIC/BBK Modules. For the short time we’ve used it, we love it. It leaves you a little in awe at how fast it works and how easy it is to use.

Prior to SyncSolve we were ‘compelled’ to build the majority of LAB tests, ITS reports, and OE procedures, directly in LIVE because of time constraints. As a result, these dictionaries were badly out of sync. This was a ‘bad’ practice and we knew it, but felt we did not have a choice. As a result, training new users and testing in TEST was a very frustrating experience for new employees and IT analysts. Building Order Sets in TEST, and trying to move them to LIVE, often failed because LAB and Radiology procedures in TEST were no longer active in LIVE, or their mnemonics had changed. And for those valiant attempts we made to keep both LIVE and TEST in sync manually – we would encounter ‘typo’ errors.

Once the product was installed and we were trained, we immediately started comparisons of the OE and LAB dictionaries. We had the ability to review the discrepancies in detail, so we felt comfortable with what would update when we ‘synched’. If there were some intended differences in TEST that we did not want synched with LIVE, we had the flexibility to leave these untouched. This is a wonderful feature! Next we moved on to the dictionaries in ITS, BAR and Physician Documentation PCM. We are looking forward to our pharmacist using it!

Besides saving us lots of time, the product has changed our practice of making dictionary changes – particularly in LAB, OE, and ITS. We now build in the TEST ring, perform testing when necessary, and then use SyncSolve to move the updates to LIVE. Also, synching new PCM templates in TEST and their dependent dictionaries to LIVE has been a great time saver.

Other products we have tried required resources that we did not have – time, staff, and programming knowledge to write the scripts. When we first saw a demo of the SyncSolve product it seemed too good to be true – almost a plug and play! It removed all 3 of the resource limitations and enabled our very busy small IT staff to efficiently maintain the Meditech dictionaries.

SyncSolve is a real asset for IT and the departments that we serve. It is the best time saving tool we have ever purchased for IT analysts. There is a great ROI for this product, and it is difficult for CFOs and other decision makers to understand how dictionary management translates into better customer service out of IT and time savings.

We are very happy with support. As a BETA site there were a few bugs to work through, but Jim Smith, Integration Engineer at The HCI Solution Inc., worked the problems very quickly.