Nexus Health Systems

August 26th, 2016 – Craig John, EMR Clinical Manager

Nexus Health System purchased SyncSolve in March of 2015. SyncSolve has been instrumental in keeping our dictionaries up to date and in sync. I utilize SyncSolve weekly to move new users/profiles/documentation from TEST to LIVE rings. Once I have updated a dictionary in our TEST ring, I use SyncSolve to compare the changes to our LIVE ring and then move those dictionaries to LIVE with a couple clicks rather than having to rebuild everything. One of the biggest time savers I use SyncSolve for is documentation. SyncSolve will move the group responses, queries, assessments, interventions, and physician documentation to LIVE in seconds. This results in a significant improvement with productivity. A task that may take a few hours to build in the TEST ring dictionaries and TEST can be moved to LIVE in minutes utilizing the SyncSolve software rather than rebuilding all of the dictionaries manually. I cannot even begin to quantify the amount of time that SyncSolve has saved me personally over the last year and a half in addition to the rest of our EMR team.

I would say without a doubt that SyncSolve is the best vendor application I utilize within our system and HCI’s customer service is second to none. I don’t believe I have ever waited more than an hour for Jim to respond to an email or call with either a solution or a follow-up question. This is easily the best product we have purchased to complement our Meditech EMR.