Testimonial- Heywood Hospital








Heywood Hospital, Gardner, MA

September 24th, 2014 – Sandi Wiltshire, MT(ASCP), MBA, IS Applications Manager
“SyncSolve has been a great help to us! We have always struggled, like so many others, with making sure all TEST and LIVE dictionaries match. SyncSolve can help with the monitoring and maintenance of the many modules.

“We spent months revising our Provider dictionary and it only took minutes to sync all that work, saving time and money.

“The Lab installed new Chemistry analyzers which meant the editing of dictionaries such as analyzer, lab tests, worksheets, departments, quality control, and rules. Most of this could not be changed in LIVE until the moment we went LIVE with the new instruments. SyncSolve allowed us to rapidly move everything from TEST to LIVE with no downtime and without spending hours inputting data.

“When I first saw SyncSolve, I knew exactly why we needed it, and it has paid off! We needed to put Meditech into our sister hospital, Athol Hospital, which meant all Meditech modules needed editing. We were able to use SyncSolve to move all the new ORM procedures, Scheduling Resources, and Appointment Types, Access groups, Users, Menus, Reports, and Procedures to name a few. We could build everything in TEST and sync to LIVE. SyncSolve has proven over and over that we can save time and money while improving the maintenance of our applications.

“We did have another product previously that we bought, but it was per license and not user friendly. It would take hours and days to run a sync and you basically had to build the script yourself. This product is not limited to users and is very user friendly, making it easy to run. We tell everyone about SyncSolve and highly recommend it!”