5 Reasons Why Hospitals Partner with The HCI Solution

Today people rely upon customer reviews and testimonies to decide which vendor to take their business to. Naturally, people want to work with a business that they can trust to get the job done effectively and efficiently within their time constraints. The HCI Solution relies on customer testimonies and references in gaining new customers. Our customers are eager to share their experiences in partnering with us and utilizing our products and services. To present a clear picture, we’ve come up with the following 5 Reasons Why Hospitals Partner with The HCI Solution.

1. Response Time/Communication

It can be frustrating when dealing with an unresponsive vendor, support team, or partner. The HCI Solution knows the impact unresponsiveness and lack of communication can have on productivity and the ability to meet critical deadlines. At The HCI Solution we strive for 1 hour response times, because time is valuable and so are our customer’s needs. We want to ensure that any inquiries, requests, and other correspondence are met with a timely response. Although we may not have an answer within the hour every time, we will do everything we can to acknowledge requests in a timely manner.

Interior Health HCI Response Times Testimony

2. Reputation

The HCI Solution has a mission to deliver reliable and cost-effective software solutions and services that reduce costs and improve healthcare efficiency for our customers so that they can provide better patient care. We value our customers and their opinions of us, because when our customers share positive testimonies of their experience working with us it means we’ve done our job right.

Skagit HCI Reputation Testimony

3. Deeply Integrated Solutions

When we develop and enhance solutions at The HCI Solution, our main priority is that they seamlessly integrate with the other relevant tools and customers’ specific workflows for which they were created. Our applications are easy to use and deeply integrate with MEDITECH, allowing for easy staff adoption. We want customers to feel comfortable using all of our solutions on a regular basis. Our main goal with our applications is to increase workflow efficiency, saving facilities time and money.

4. Competitive Pricing

The HCI Solution offers all products and services with hospital budgets in mind. We strive to meet customer’s needs with a price point that’s fair and affordable. We offer discounts when customers are interested in multiple products and services, or are interested in products or services for multiple facilities. With our Engineering Concierge Services plan, hospitals have saved thousands of dollars and know that no matter how many of their contracted hours are used in a month or what services they are used for, they will continue to pay their contracted monthly rate for the hours used.

Heywood Competitive Pricing HCI Testimony

5. Filling and Bridging the Gaps

It can be difficult finding the right staff to meet all technical needs – they may possess skills to meet certain employment needs, but it is getting more difficult to find well-rounded individuals that cover all of a facility’s needs. Recruiting, vetting, hiring, onboarding, and training individuals can be an arduous task that takes time and money. The HCI Solution is staffed with individuals that can fill those technical gaps facilities may face. With our highly experienced, well-rounded team, it’s safe to say we have our customers covered. They consider us their “one stop shop.”

It’s for all of these reasons that we know customers can take comfort in the decision of choosing The HCI Solution as their credible industry partner. We are committed to carry out our mission, company values, and focus on our vision.


To deliver reliable and cost-effective software solutions and services that reduce costs and improve healthcare efficiency for our customers so that they can provide better patient care.


Trust is the foundation of any good relationship, and that is why we work hard to build trust with all of our customers. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results and striving for the highest quality. We also believe strongly in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, which is why all of our products come with a satisfaction guarantee.


To become the leader in software solutions to the healthcare industry by providing cost-effective and reliable products that lead to better patient care by:
• Enhancing patient safety
• Streamlining workflows
• Improving clinical efficiency
• Increasing IT efficiency
• Reducing costs
• Decreasing waste

When you choose The HCI Solution, you choose peace of mind.

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The Three W’s of Archiving Legacy Systems

Who doesn’t love sunsets? Data Centers across the country are packed with old, legacy systems that cost hundreds of millions of dollars to maintain. Many avoid sunsetting because they’re just unsure what to do with the data. We call it eating an elephant, one bite at a time. First it helps to determine What, When, and Where; the three W’s of archiving legacy systems.

1) What do you want to retain? One of the easiest questions to ask, but the most difficult to answer. The most common answer from stakeholders is “all of it”; which isn’t practical. Whether discrete or image, clinical or business office, asking these three questions can help; is the data: Clinically relevant? Legally required? Business relevant?

2) When to start the extraction and conversion? This question is two part; when to start the extracts, pre or post conversion to the new system. In addition, what date range will be extracted? Evaluating historical relevance can be cause for pause. Hospitals often end up not choosing a time frame of extraction because it is difficult to determine.

3) Where do you want to store data? We find most sites will store clinical data in an existing scanning/archiving system via a COLD feed. There might be data you don’t want in your active archiving system but rather in a separate vendor neutral archive (VNA). HCI can provide a VNA should you want separate storage.

Whether you want discrete or image retention, The HCI Solution will walk you through the  three W’s of archiving legacy systems and you can watch the beauty of a sunset with an experienced partner. We’ve helped many sites sunset their legacy systems, saving them millions.

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Sunsetting Legacy Systems

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). Does it sound familiar? It isn’t a common term, nor is it used often by vendors offering solutions. A Vendor Neutral Archive is important because it can host the data of multiple legacy systems. It also gives you tools to access the data in a manner that makes sense. The HCI Solution believes the data shouldn’t be accessed as a destination – go here to view this data. The data should be accessed within the regular workflow for you hospital. Important characteristics include:

  • Industry Standard Hardware Technology
  • Workflows for Business Process
  • Document Type Independence
  • Open System Integration for In and Outbound
  • Electronic Signature
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Thick and Thin (web) Client
  • Activity and Auditing Reports

The HCI Solution can Help you understand your hospital stakeholder requirements, the extraction, hospital workflow, access, and access auditing. Don’t pay for legacy systems one more day. You can free your organization from maintenance payments with planning and execution. We can help make that your reality!

To learn about The HCI Solution’s Archiving & Data Conversion services  CLICK HERE.